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carat weight (size)

One of the first inquiries generally asked is: "How many carats is it?" Most accept that carats speak to the span of the diamond; then again, this is just part of the way rectify. The carat is really the heaviness of the diamond. Truly, it spoke to the heaviness of a carob seed; accordingly, the term carat. In more exact estimations, 5 carats is equivalent to 1 gram. In this manner, two diamonds of the same weight can show up very diverse in appearance.

One carat measures 200 milligrams, or one-fifth (.2) of a gram. This standard has been being used worldwide since 1914, when it was proposed by the International Committee on Weights and Measures. Note that the expression "carat" – which is an estimation for valuable jewels – is unique in relation to the expression "karat," which alludes to gold quality in the United States.

In talking about diamond weight, you frequently hear the term focuses utilized. Case in point, you may hear that a diamond is 83 focuses. This has the same significance as .83 carats, on the grounds that there are 100 focuses to a carat. Accordingly, .50 carats would be the same as 1/2 carat or 50 focuses, 1.50 carats would be the same as 1 carat and 50 focuses or one and one half carat.