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where to buy effy jewelry in memphis tn

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Since the early days of luxury and jewelry, fine craftsmanship and detailed carvings on jewelry have been a sign of wealth and luxury when it came to diamond rings and jewelry. But, now diamond jewelry and diamond rings are not only for monetary value, but they also hold some or a lot of emotional weight, whether it be a family heirloom or an engagement ring signifying a start of something special through a couples lifetime.

Jewelry shopping for some might be a difficult task, as they can cost a lot of money for an engagement ring, and people might want the best deal for the money. And one of the finest jewelry designers is the Effy jewelry designer, who is long-standing since 1979, being under the leadership of Effy Hematian from day one. One of the most intriguing sets of designer rings from Effy has been the Muse Panther collection with its vibrant green gem settings and an overlay of the gold band and shiny diamonds.

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