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Like it or not, December is the wedding season, and you will see all around social media pics of couples being married or getting engaged with the most iconic and out of the box proposal techniques. And if you have gathered the courage and decided to propose to your life long crush, you will need the best engagement rings brands with the best engagement rings stores to guide you on jewelry buying.

Diamonds have been a hallmark and a staple of choice when it comes to wedding or engagement rings. Yes, diamonds do signify wealth, and many also argue diamond wedding and engagement rings were just a marketing ploy to boost diamond sales and inflate the costs of the rock.

Whatever the case be, diamonds signify a life-long union to sharing memories, up and downs throughout their lifetime. And couple a diamond ring with the unique ideas to propose to your loved one and create a life long memory for your anniversaries to come and make a lifetime moment to tell your children.

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