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Most of us have heard, believed, and been bombarded by marketeers of the yesteryears in the jewelry industry, that diamonds are formed from coal, which undergoes immense heat and pressure underneath the earth's surface. But, what do scientists and gemologists say and have discovered for the saying? Well, scientists and gemologists have debunked the theory or an idea, and even to say coal did not have a part in the formation of diamonds, which we know today.

Don't let the idea of an old marketing idea ruin your jewelry purchasing decisions, as diamonds still hold immense value as diamonds are formed over billions of years ago. Personal values and tributes for special occasions matter too from person to person.

And what better day it would be than Valentine's day to gift something of immense value not just for the money, but for showering love, affection, and even proposing for engagement and marriage.

There are many shiny options when it comes to diamonds as a whole, from colors, clarity, cut, and origin. Today’s, technology has even let us grow lab-grown diamonds, which are as identical to the real deal, and they are an excellent option for gifting as they do not cost as much as natural diamonds.

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