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Why Sell to Walsons & Co?
Simple. You will get full fair market value at prices you can see:

Trust: A Rating from the Better Business Bureau, money is wired same day.

Integrity: Walsons & Co is the only dealer to publish their “BUY” and “SELL” prices.

Value: The Watch Exchange works to facilitate an efficient marketplace for buyers and sellers

Unlike other watch dealers that sell multiple brands of watches, Walsons & Co only buys and sells few brands, so you can be rest assured that you will be buying and or selling at up to the market valuations.Our inventory offers customers deep and diverse collections that changes daily. So whether you are searching to sell a Men's Watch , or to sell a Ladies Watch, we are confident you will find our prices and assortment among the best in the business. Be sure to check back daily as new inventory is added constantly. The more information you enter the more accurate our appraisal of your watch will be. It would be very much appreciated if you also included a picture of the watch.

Once you submit your form we will appraise your watch and call you back or email you within 24 hours with an estimate. If you agree with your estimate we give you instructions on how to ship your watch to us and once we receive it we will promptly send you your money. If at any time you would like your watch back call or email us and we promptly send it back to you. Please call us at 901 297 7111 if you have any questions we would be glad to help! Or if you have a Watch to sell, please complete the Sell Watch form above asks just a few basic questions about the Watch you want to sell. We will then call you back shortly thereafter and or send you an email with the market estimate of your watch.

Brands listed online sells thousands of new watches every year, and here at Walsons & Co we understand that many of these owners either do not like their watch anymore, or could use the money that their Watch is worth. Our goal is to make the process of selling easy, quick, and safe. We buy watches every day from all over the country through the mail, but also are open to walk-ins to our Cordova store to sell your Watch or buy at unbeatable prices. Whatever your reason is to sell, Walsons & Co is the place for you if you are looking for great prices and great convenience.

We buy every type or Watch from Rolex to Cartier, Walsons & Co buys them all. Our watch experts will evaluate your watch for what it is really worth factoring market demand and availability as well as the condition of the watch and any repairs that need to be made. In this way we will give the fairest price possible to sell Watch horology.

At Walsons & Co we truly love these Watch brands and have for over 30 years. We have an extreme appreciation for the artistry and masterful engineering that goes into each and every used Watch. With this understanding we can give you some of these most competitive prices to sell Watches. Our goal is to be the middleman between buyers and sellers of luxury watches; people who no longer need their watch and people who want a new watch. We buy watches from the public, mark them up minimally and sell them back to the public. We basically recycle by selling and buying from the public. Whether you want to buy or sell Watch timepieces you can come to the same place Walsons & Co , the Watch Exchange and in this way we make the whole process as simple as possible. So if you are searching to sell your Watch, deal direct with Walsons & Co for the best value whether you are buying or selling.

How to Sell a Watch

The most common question we get at Walsons & Co is,
"How do I sell you my Watch ?" or "How hard is the process of selling my Watch to you?".
We know it is easy, but to show you how simple it all really is please follow the below steps.
Step 1: Call Walsons & Co, and Walsons & Co will give you a quote over the phone.
Step 2: Walsons & Co sends you an empty box for you to ship the Watch back to Walsons & Co.
Step 3: Securely pack your Watch in the box and send it back to Walsons & Co.
Step 4: Walsons & Co receives your Watch, and gives you a free over the phone appraisal.
Step 5: Walsons & Co gives you the cash!
So Easy! Our goal is to make this whole process as pain free as possible. For more information about how to sell with us, fill up the above form, or send us an Email at or simply call us at 901 297 7111.

Sell or Buy Used Watches?

Unlike used cars or used computers, used watches have no set expiration period. Watch models are built to last and can last you a lot more than 200,000 miles that is why the used market is extremely large. These watches can last for decades and are made with the finest Swiss craftsmanship. Buying a Watch brand new can be a very expensive endeavor, and this is why pre-owned models are so popular. They offer the same quality and sustainability of a watch without as big of a price tag (in most cases). In addition to this, Watch has the amazing ability to retain value. This offers our customers a unique opportunity. That is the opportunity to buy a watch from us, and wear it for a couple of years keeping it in good condition, and then sell it back to us for a few hundred dollars less than you bought it. In this our customers are able to get all of the enjoyment out of wearing a Watch , and only end up spending a couple of hundred dollars. A Watch is more than just a timepiece it is a statement. It can tell everyone in the room that you are someone of importance, someone who is a leader, an innovator, an adventurer. The brand Watch is the purest form of high fashion and wearing one is an indescribable experience. All of this used to be reserved only for the extremely rich or powerful, but now with the help of Walsons & Co you can buy these amazing watches for a lot less than you think. So if you found us by searching “how to buy or sell watches” please browse through our expanding inventory and find a watch you like or give us a call at 901 297 7111. We would be happy to help you with any questions you have regarding buying or selling with us. If you can't find the watch you are looking for give us a call or send us an email and we’ll keep an eye out for the watch you’re looking for and hopefully get you a great deal on it!

Sell Your Pre-owned Watch

Sell at Market Value

Watches are a truly amazing product. While they are very expensive they last pretty much forever if you take care of them and are therefore a pretty good investment. Brands sells thousands of new watches through their Authorized Dealers all over the world and the fact that Watch do last such a long time allows for a huge secondary market. When you buy a Watch, it is not a one owner watch, whether you pass it down to your children and grandchildren or sell it to another person, they usually last through multiple generations. This also allows the values to be very high and if you need money or, just don’t really want or use it you can sell your watches to us at Walsons & Co for great prices.

Walsons & Co Buying Goals

Our goal at Walsons & Co is to essentially “pinch” the market. What this means is that we make the margin between how much we buy a watch for and how much we sell it for a lot lower and we even publicly display these two prices on the website. This allows us to buy watches for more than our competitors and sell them for less. Often people come to us and ask to sell their watch and upon receiving the price are astounded because many other online retailers sell Watch for around a thousand dollars more than what we offered. Why this happens is these retailers run on huge margins of thousands of dollars between how much they buy and sell a watch for and so how much they sell the watch for is really a bloated view of how much it is really worth. When you sell Watches to Walsons & Co you get the true value.

Why Walsons & Co is Different

We have found this to be an unfair and underhanded practice and so we have tried to make our business transparent by allowing our users to see how much we buy a watch for and how much we sell it for right on the site. With this information they can know that the prices we give to sell watches to us are fair.
Walsons & Co Will Buy Anything and Everything, At Walsons & Co you can sell watches of any kind. From Sky-Dweller to Submariner, from brand new in box to 30 years old, from pre-owned/used to unworn we buy everything and we understand that they each have their own specific value that fluctuates with the pre-owned Watch market. Walsons & Co will give you the full market value of your watch if you decide to sell Watch models to us. We have an extensive price list that offers baseline prices for all the watches and we work from there factoring in current market conditions and inventory spikes and slopes as well as any special features your watch may have like a diamond dial or bezel. We know the added value these features add to your watch whether they are aftermarket or factory. Walsons & Co is in Cordova,TN.

We are located in Cordova ,TN , but we buy watches from all over the world. How we do this is actually quite simple and allows for reassurance on your end in addition to getting you your money as quickly as possible. This all starts out with you receiving a estimate of your watches value from us. You can do this by giving us a call at 901 297 7111 or submitting a sell Watch form on our website. Once you receive the estimate and agree with it we will send you a mailer box with tracking info for you to track the box as it is delivered to us. Within an hour of our receipt of the box we will give you our exact price on your watch, which, if you described the watch accurately to us should be around the estimate we gave you. At this point you have two options, you can agree with the price and we will overnight issue you a check or wire you the money, or if you no longer agree or just decided not to sell your watch we will overnight ship your watch back to you and you will have it the next day. You can have confidence knowing your watch is safe with us. So if you found us by Google searching “sell Watch for cash” or “sell Watch fast” please fill out the simple form found above or give us a call for a free quote. We would be more than happy to help you out no matter your situation or question.