Best Jewelry Repair Store in Memphis

One Stop Solution for all your Jewelry Repairs

We at Walsons & Co, Fine Jewelers in Memphis,TN, USA have a huge and loyal customer base in the city of Memphis, USA and neighbouring areas like Cordova, Bartlett, Eads, Lakeland, Southaven etc... mainly because of two reasons: We always keep Quality at an altitude and for us the Customer always comes first. At Walsons & Co, Fine Jewelers in Germantown Parkway, Cordova, Metro Memphis, we very well understand that once the customer makes a purchase from our store, the relation does not end there but it is the very start of a new bond and association that has to be taken care and nurtured with immense love and ethics. One such facet of our token of love for our customers is after sale services making us the Best Jewelry Repair Store in Memphis .

It is the universal law of nature that every natural or materialistic thing loses its charm with time and wear and tear: same goes with the jewelry items of any brand. Walsons & Co, Fine Jewelers offers excellent after sale services like jewelry repairs, polishing and others to help you maintain your jewelry with its timeless beauty and class giving us the label of Best Jewelry Repair Store in Memphis, TN, USA.

Walsons & Co. Fine Jewelers in Memphis, TN, USA also provides customers with Onsite Jewelry Repairs at an additional discount of 20% on every kind of Onsite Jewelry Repairs. Do visit us for more details.

Below are some handy tips to make your jewelry life last longer:

Wear your jewelry only after you are done applying all your make-up and cosmetics to avoid application of chemicals on your priced possessions.

Keep all your ornaments carefully wrapped in soft materials like cotton, tissue in a fabric lined box.

Avoid wearing jewelry whilst doing physical work like exercise, housekeeping, gardening, trekking, etc...

Clean your jewelry with clean and soft cloth to remove oils and perspiration.

Diamond jewelry needs to be cleansed with soft brush dipped in warm water and mild detergent.

So all the beautiful ladies of Memphis, Walsons & Co: the Best Jewelry Repair Store in Memphis is always at your service for jewelry repairs or any other services.