Designer Engagement Rings by Scott Kay

"My collections are designed for the discriminating few around the world who refuse to settle for anything less than the finest in quality, and like those individuals,
I Will Never Compromise"

“My curiosity is what fuels me. I want to find what “doesn’t exist” and see how to use it to convey and inspire others within my designs.

Every day I wake up to a blank canvas… not knowing what will cross my path. This “DNA” that keeps me inspired drives me; my curiosity never sleeps.

Past periods of time and cultures is where I am drawn. In these spaces, an addiction feeds this curiosity that does not die.”


“My work represents a strong reflection to how someone wishes to express themselves. This expression is different to everyone…day or night; spiritual, strong or harmonious. It is my desire to create opportunities for those that wear my designs to feel special, sexy, or adventurous through a manner of their own expression. My values of marriage are similar to my commitment of my bridal. Never ever compromise…”


“Faith is a universal, positive word that falls under every race, religion, and creed. Faith is about believing in you, another person, religion, or spirit, faith is very strong and positive essence in nature.

Faith is a black or white word – it is “on” or “off” – you either have it or you don’t. I believe “faith” is a beautiful word to preach. It represents a deep-rooted soul between two people. Leaders preach by it, best friends live by it, and the world counts it. Faith is the same passion that we hold toward our religious or spiritual beliefs. Once we voice it, Faith is solid, non-movable and cemented.”